What should we wear?

I always like to advise to start with Mom first when choosing an outfit.

Try to think about the colors in your home when choose an outfit, after all, these will be on your walls.

Think about textures, layers, and accessories.

Stay away from neon colors, logos, or anything that might be too distracting. Our focus is your family, not the clothes.

Do your best to avoid "matchy matchy" style outfits.

I am always happy to help pick wardrobes. Seriously, feel free to send me pictures of your choices!

What will the session be like?

We will start our session by getting the typical "Say cheese!" photo out of the way and then move into the unposed category.

I'd rather get a photo of you chasing your kids and them giggling. I'd rather snap a photo of you all holding hands and walking down a path.

I'd rather capture unposed joy, than a stand and smile at me photo. The goal during your session is to have so much fun with your family that you forget if you were ever nervous in the first place.

Got any tips?

Always make sure to have a point of contact. From putting a hand on your sons shoulder to snuggling with your daughter, keeping a point of contact shows love.

Don't panic. If the kids are running wild it is alright. We just shift gears. I have no shame in chasing to get that perfect shot.

Ditch the poses. We don't have to do the robotic stare into the camera, look at your kids instead. Look at your husband or your wife. Smile at them instead of my camera.

How long until we get our photos?

Once I get home from your session I will back up all of your images and cull through them to find one or two that I like.

I'll edit them and those will be posted as a sneak peek on my Facebook page usually within a day or two of our session.

My turnaround time for a fully retouched gallery is about 2-3 weeks. Once they are completed your images will be uploaded to an Online Gallery where you will be able to download them to your computer.